King Bouncy Delivery Information

Our main delivery area is all around Lake Lewisville. We waive our $25.00 delivery fee if your order includes an inflatable. Distance fees are charged if your event is located more than 20 miles from our warehouse in Frisco, TX. Outside the 20 miles we charge distance fees which get progressively higher the further out we go. We also have a minimum order of $125.00. The minimum order amount will also increase the further away we travel. Contact us if you would like to know if any delivery/distance fees apply to you. To see your minimum order amount, find your zip code in the below map and click on it. If your zip code is not listed, your minimum is $95, or we do not deliver to your area due to its distance from Frisco.


The below map will display the minimum order amount needed for us to deliver to each area. There are many things we consider when we set the minimum order amount for each zip code. Mainly, how much time is involved in traveling to your area. We also consider toll fees as some areas can be quite expensive to travel to and from twice for one delivery. Exampe being if you live 30 miles from our warehouse. A round trip to deliver is 60 miles and then to pickup is an additional 60 miles. Thats 120 miles and roughly two to two and a half hours of drive time for your delivery. For UPS thats fine because they would do 100 or more deliveries in one area, we just dont have that kind of volume.

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