Portable Evaporative Cooler

Portable Evaporative Cooler

    • Actual Size: 38"W x 60"T x 24"D
    • Setup Area: 3.5 X 2
    • Outlets: 1 Regular Household Outlet

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This is an evaporative cooler, not an air conditioner. These coolers use water evaporation to cool the air down. They can cool the air as much as 25 degrees in ideal conditions. To get the best performance, we recommend to use this in a shaded area and not in direct sunlight. Use fresh cool water to fill the 32 gallon tank. You can also add a few bags of ice to the tank with water to help produce even cooler air flow but this is optional and not required. Our experience is the higher the ambient temperature and humidity, the less efficient the cooling will be. We do not guarantee any amount of temperature drop due to environmental conditions.

Add some coolness to your party with this portable cooler. This will cool the air between 15-25 degrees and is a must in this Texas heat. Water supply is required and hooks up using a standard garden hose. 

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Dimensions - 38"W x 60"T x 24"D

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