White Plastic Folding Chair

White Plastic Folding Chair

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Delivery service includes delivery of chairs to your location usually on a chair cart. Charges per chair change depending on quantity of chairs and if you are ordering an inflatable or not. Price is set at $2.00 per chair but we will adjust the price to whats listed below after you submit your deposit to confirm your order.

Our chairs are heavily used and may have some scratches or light stains. For a nicer option of chairs, check out our resin folding chairs.

There are potential additional fee's associated with chair and table rental. Please read below to avoid these fee's.

Without Inflatable Rental

25 chair minimum $2.00 ea
26-50 - $1.75 ea
50+ - $1.50 ea

With Inflatable Rental

1-25 - $1.75 ea
26+ - $1.50 ea


*** We do not setup, take down, or carry up-stairs unless previously arranged. If you need setup service, please contact our office. Setup/take down service is $1.00 per chair in addition to the rental price.


Potential additional fees


If you choose to do the setup/take down yourself, please follow these steps to avoid any additional fee's. Any additional fee's charged will be used to compensate our drivers for the additional labor involved during the pickup.

  1. Make sure chairs are clean and neatly stacked on the carts exactly as they arrived (see below pictures). When stacking the chairs, the chair backs should be facing down, and the seats facing up.
  2. Tables should be cleaned, folded and stacked against a wall, or put where they were originally delivered.
  • If our delivery drivers are required to re-stack the chairs there is a $15.00 re-stacking fee, per chair cart.
  • If our delivery drivers are required to clear, food, drinks, or trash off tables before they can pick them up. There is a $10.00 fee per table.
  • If chairs/tables were not stacked at all, and they require no cleaning the fee is our normal .50 cents per chair and table. Tables and chairs needing a wipe down is an additional .50 cents per item on top of the take down fee.

Incorrectly Stacked Chairs


White Plastic Folding Chair Stack

Well stacked Chairs

White Plastic Folding Chair Good Stack

Seat width: 15.25''W
Seat depth: 15.25''D
Width: 17.25''W
Height: 32''H
Depth: 18''D
Capacity: 250 lbs
Back size: 17.25''W
Seat height: 17.5''H


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